2 thoughts on “Arrival of the swarm. One week later”

  1. Is there a safe and sustainable way to collect and harvest honey from this hive design?
    I’m looking into project ideas for a sustainable and eco-friendly apiary where honey can be collected with as little interference into the natural hive itself.
    I’m still somewhat new to beekeeping, but thi k this would be a fantadtic way to be productive and sustainable.

    1. Hi Darrell. There are ways of harvesting honey by putting small skep or bowl on top and letting the bees come up through a 75mm hole. The main purpose of these hives is to give something that the bees want. In return, we will get the enjoyment of seeing bees find this hive by themselves and hopefully get a community of vigourous healthy adapted local bees able to survive without our constant manipulations!

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