Prices & Ordering

During the swarming season Mid April – early July, scout bees will be looking for suitable homes. If they come to a consensus that it is the best home available, then a swarm will move in shortly afterwards.

Hives ideally should be set up in early spring before the swarm season starts.


I  offer a service where I deliver the hive and help you choose the best place to put the bees and then after preparing the hive to attract a swarm,  fit the hive up into the tree for you.

This service also gives me some time to talk to you about bees and what observations you might expect with a healthy colony.

For Orders and enquiries, please write to or call me on 07717 251713.

 The Freedom Hive

Freedom Hive body with top and bottom board, waterproof cover and insulation.   £440  Currently out of stock


Freedom hive with straw hackle (hat)  with ceramic cap and legs. The legs are made of Larch and come 6″  long as standard £600   Currently out of stock

The Log Hive

These log hives are made from Larch or Douglas fir. They are between 18″- 20″ in diameter and approx 32″ long.

Complete with top board, removable base membrane and insulation.


Log hives can also be fitted with wooden legs made from Chestnut and a conical roof made from Norfolk reed.



I do get batches of gouges made by highly skilled blacksmith. These are beautiful handmade tools, fitted with a steel and  Ash handle.

They cost £160 each plus £30 post and packaging in the UK.

Please inquire at for availability