Swarm choosing Freedom

Here is a short clip in real time of a swarm moving into a hive. I had set the hive in an ash tree approximately 5m above the ground at the beginning of April. Nothing happened until July… two days after I had put some more lemon grass oil in the entrance.


This swarm moved into the hive mid-July. I revisited in early October and was amazed by what I saw. As it was so late in the season, I wasn’t expecting to see much growth, but the colony had now expanded to half of the hive.


Art in Action

I hope many people will come to Art in Action this year in Oxford.After 40 years It is their last year.

The    Natural Beekeeping Trust will be there and I am delighted to have been asked join them with my log and Freedom hives. I  have had amazing results this year with the bees choosing to move in to the hives . The scouts have shown a preference for these hives over other designs.

pink campion hive