Free Bee

In Early June, I had the opportunity to visit the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall to put up a log hive on a small farm. The fields and hedges were ablaze with wildflowers and so my first impression as a drove down the mile-long rutted track, was this could be a  very good place for bees.

I am very grateful to Senara Wilson Hodges of On the beach productions for making such a beautiful film.

2 thoughts on “Free Bee”

  1. Really enjoyed that video – very informative.
    How critical is the orientation of the entrance? You state SE, my ‘hive in a tree’ entrance is more NE (than east).

    1. Hi Brian,
      Where are you writing from? Here in the UK, having the entrances facing South East means that in the winter and early Spring when daylight is limited, the bees can make the most of the warmth from the sun. They are also sheltered from the prevailing westerly wind and cold air
      Is your hive populated? Can it be moved easily?
      All best,

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