Modified golden hive

The Modified Golden Hive

The Modified Golden Hive is collaboration between John Haverson and Matt Somerville; it is a development of the German Einraumbeute hive. Using natural materials as much as possible, the modified golden hive adopts features from the hives of Warré and Lazutin as well as those seen in straw skeps and tree trunk cavities.
To address concerns expressed about condensation in the ERB, and to improve the retention of nest scent and warmth (Nestduftwärmebindung), we decided to adopt the Warré top-cloth and deep quilt arrangement as well as insulated walls similar to Lazutin’s hive, but using a cedar-straw-cedar sandwich.
A sump with an inspection hatch is also incorporated; to keep nest debris away from combs; to enable non-intrusive inspection of combs and floor debris as well as the placement of a heat-retaining, moisture-absorbing floor covering in winter.

The long deep trough hive uses up to 22 Dadant sized frames approximately 460mm deep and 285mm wide. This tall, narrow configuration enables the winter colony to sit in 9 or 10 frames under its stores to prevent the isolation starvation sometimes seen in wider, shallow hives.

The horizontal configuration is attractive as the operation is reduced to moving frames horizontally rather than lifting boxes vertically. In the case of minimal intrusion husbandry, it also enables less disruptive, less comb-damaging access from one side of the nest for essential inspections.