About Bee Kind Hives

Every spring I enjoy the sound of bees pollinating the blossom in a cider apple orchard that I planted 25 years ago. This sound always signalled a good harvest.
One year the bees weren’t there and the trees were silent. It was this that brought home the plight of the honey bee and prompted me to take positive action to help them.
Bees were suffering already from reduced forage and systemic pesticides and new diseases. They are stressed further by modern conventional husbandry. Indeed, this Victorian industrial practice is still used to exploit the bee for honey and profit.
Along-side my work as a Carpenter/cabinet maker I designed a warm insulated hive which encouraged minimal intervention from the keeper, immediately reducing both stress and disease in the bee. This led to hollowed log hives, a method used successfully in Poland and in the Parc National des Cévennes situated in Lozère  in the south of France.
I must thank Natural beekeepers, John Haverson and David Heaf (amongst others) for putting me on the right road to a more bee centred approach.
I now focus on making hives for healthier, sustainable bees.
Matt Somerville

07717 251713

Apple blossom